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Jan 29, 2020

At THE LATEST, we pull together news stories from reputable sources from all across the web – and then we organize it all by topic – making it quick and easy for you to keep up with it all. Our podcast will mirror our website.
Every week we’ll discuss politics, tech, sports, entertainment, culture, lifestyle – whatever’s “the latest” each week.
THE LATEST PODCAST is a natural extension of – the best news aggregator ever built (in our humble opinion.)
Like, THE LATEST PODCAST will be different from other media outlets in at least four different ways:
1) First, we’ll make it convenient for you to hear the key takeaways of the week. With one podcast, you’ll get it all.
2) Second – and we think this is important – THE LATEST is completely neutral when it comes to politics. Liberal, moderate and conservative voices are all welcome here.
3) We promise to keep everything really, really simple.
4) We’ll also keep things civil. No food fights here!
THE LATEST is not backed by some giant corporation. We are very much “of, by and for the people.” We just want to get America talking again.
  • Got an idea or topic you want us to explore?
  • Got feedback you think we need to hear?
  • Got something YOU want to talk about?
  • Want to appear as a guest on our show?

Let us know by sending an email to